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Windshield Chip Repair

“Do you have a rock chip on your windshield?


“Is your glass cracked and need to be replaced?”

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   If you have full coverage auto insurance and you have a rock chip in your windshield, your insurance company will pay out of their pocket to have the chip repaired. They want to repair the damage before it cracks and spreads across your windshield, thus requiring a replacement. Replacing the windshield costs the insurance company more money and so that is why they want it repaired. If you have full coverage, this comes at no cost to you. The insurance companies call this a “no fault claim” and will not cause your insurance rates to increase.

   If you do not have full coverage auto insurance, you can pay out of pocket.



  • Repairs the structural integrity of your windshield
  • Prevents the chip from spreading across your windshield


   We also get great discounted prices on replacement windshields. Please contact us for a free quote.

  • Replacement company is local here in Grand Prairie and has been in business for many years
  • They provide a warranty on all work done