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Interior Detailing

Interior  Services

Complete Interior Special                                                    $95.00*

   * Shampoo Carpets

   * Clean and Condition Seats (If leather)

   * Shampoo Seats (If Cloth)

   * Interior Super Clean Service

   * Leather condition doors, dash and console


Interior Super Clean Service                                               $29.99*

   * Air Blast Dash, All Air Vents, and Console

   * Hand Clean Dash, Console, and Door Panels

   * Apply Protectant To Dash, Console, Doors, and To The Door Plate

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning                                                  $50.00*

Cloth Seat Shampoo                                                           $50.00*

Leather/Vinyl Seats Cleaned                                               $35.00*

Leather/Vinyl Seats Conditioned                                        $35.00*


*Price may increase depending on size of the vehicle and severity of cleaning needed.